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AS DelfinGroup brand VIZIA launches a credit line with flexible terms

Latvian financial services company AS DelfinGroup continues to expand its range of services and has developed a new loan product. The credit line offered by the group's non-bank lending affiliate VIZIA is an easily accessible solution when additional funds are needed for daily or unforeseen expenses.


Chairman of the AS DelfinGroup Management Board Didzis Ādmīdiņš: “In recent months, we have been working hard to create new services and improve existing offerings. New VIZIA credit line provides a solution to customers in need for a financial safety net. We have also improved the processes for reviewing applications, receiving additional funds and repayment of loans, making them more convenient for customers. By offering a credit line alongside the consumer loans already appreciated by customers, we have improved the range of our loan products and the opportunities offered in view of the trends of customer habits, providing solution to a variety of people’s needs.”


The credit line was developed by analysing the needs, habits and requirements of AS DelfinGroup customers in relation to the processes of receiving and repaying loans; therefore, for a large number of customers, a credit line may be the most suitable option. According to the survey, it is very important to be able to receive funds quickly, which is already one of the main qualities of the company's services, and with introduction of the credit line, the process will be even more convenient for customers. In the development of the credit line we took in to account the general trends of the financial market as well, so that the new product would have high new customer engagement potential. AS DelfinGroup constantly develops and offers various types of consumer loans and Buy now pay later loans, as well as offers the retail of pre-owned goods in more than 90 branches throughout Latvia and online.


Credit line as a safety net with especially flexible conditions


Credit line is an easily accessible and flexible type of loan, which is the most suitable solution in situations when additional funds are needed for daily or unplanned expenses, and the amount of required funds is not clearly known at the beginning or the costs are paid gradually


VIZIA offers its customers a credit line loan of up to 3,000 euros. When clients apply for a loan, they receive a confirmation on the limit of credit line available for them to choose a specific amount required at that moment. The minimum initial amount of the loan is 100 euros, but customers can easily add up within the limit of their credit line starting from 20 euros. But, if a larger amount is needed to fulfil some larger goals, we offer a consumer loan of up to 7,000 euros.


The payment terms are very convenient, accessible and flexible, because the customers themselves may set the payment date and amount, which must be no less than minimum predefined repayment fee. It is also possible to settle all or part of the principal amount before the due date without additional formalities, which is especially convenient for people with a varying monthly income.


This summer AS DelfinGroup published the company's long-term financial goals for 2024. By the end of 2024, the company plans to double its consolidated net loan portfolio, so it will exceed 70 million euros. By gradually increasing profitability, the company plans to achieve EBITDA of 17.6 million euros in 2024, as well as a pre-tax profit of 12.9 million euros. The dividend policy of AS DelfinGroup determines the payment of dividends on a quarterly basis, paying up to 50% of the quarterly profit in dividends (quarterly dividends). In addition, once a year after the approval of the annual report, there is an opportunity to pay additional dividends (annual dividends). During the financial year, it is planned to pay at least 50% of the company's consolidated profit to shareholders in dividends.


About AS DelfinGroup

AS DelfinGroup is a licenced technology-based financial services company that was established in 2009 and operates under the brand names Banknote and VIZIA. The company continuously develops and offers consumer and pawn loans, loans developed for senior citizens, Buy now pay later loans (BNPL loans), as well as sale of pre-owned goods both online and at more than 90 branches across Latvia. On average, 35,000 thousand loans are issued every month and serviced by the professional team of more than 270 AS DelfinGroup employees. The company has a total of over 400,000 registered customers. Since 2014, AS DelfinGroup has been known on the Nasdaq Riga Stock Exchange as a bond issuer and since 2021 as a share issuer on the Baltic Main List. The company’s IPO in 2021 attracted almost 6000 new shareholders. The company regularly pays dividends to its shareholders. In 2020, the company's net loan portfolio grew to EUR 34.6 million, while its EBITDA reached EUR 9.3 million, with profits before income tax for dividends EUR 4.65 million. The company’s sustainability is based on focused corporate governance, fintech innovation, responsible lending, financial inclusion and facilitating the circular economy. The company has been profitable every year since 2010.



Latvian financial services company AS DelfinGroup brand VIZIA is a modern financial services provider that operates fully in the online environment, offering easy and fast consumer loans and credit lines, as well as Buy now pay later loans. It is possible to receive VIZIA services completely remotely, while observing the highest security requirements. The processing of applications is automated, thus enabling customers to receive a loan decision immediately after applying. For convenience, the VIZIA customer service centre works seven days a week from 7:00 to 23:00, providing prompt answers to customer questions. VIZIA has more than 21,000 customers and has been operating as a non-bank lending company since 2018.


For further information, please contact:
Aldis Umblejs,
AS DelfinGroup Chief Financial Officer
Phone: +371 26189988
E-mail: [email protected]

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