About Delfingroup

DelfinGroup is a Latvian fintech company that offers accessible, simple and consumer focused finance and pawn services.

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internal auditor

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areas of responsibility

Corporate strategy
Data analysis
Personnel development & HR
IT development
Branch network
Corporate communication
Business support & compliance control
Administrative management
chief operations officer

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Consumer lending
Pawn lending
Loan monitoring & collection
Customer service
Call center
Retail of pre-owned goods
Chief Financial Officer

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Financial planning and control
Investor relations
Management reporting


BDO Latvia

Internationally, BDO is a leading expert organisation specialising in financial consultancy and audit. BDO’s global network extends across 162 countries and territories, with 80 000 experts working out of 1,500 offices.

Audit reports issued by BDO are recognized in Latvia and internationally. BDO Latvia is a certified Auditors' Company in the Republic of Latvia with licence no. 182.  


roberts korde

Internal auditor

Born in 1989.
Professional MBA in International Business from University of Latvia.
BSc in Humanities of Asian Studies from University of Latvia.
Professional experience: Senior Internal Auditor at consumer lending company 4finance (2016-2020) and previously Operations specialist for Foreign Exchanges & Money Market sites at SEB Global Services (2014-2016).


DelfinGroup is about the present and the future.

We constantly develop DelfinGroup products in segments like consumer loans, pawn loans and retail of pre-owned goods in order to achieve sustainable and far-reaching growth. Building robust investor relations and implementing socially and environmentally conscious policies makes us a valuable member of society.

We have set the following long-term objectives to increase DelfinGroup value:

Data-driven decision making at all levels that is achieved by extensive use of big data collected from millions of customer interactions and transactions which is analyzed with the most advanced business intelligence software.
Superior UX that facilitates customer satisfaction of DelfinGroup products.
Advanced IT solutions and competencies as a precondition for scaling up the business.
Ensure accessible products digitally online and on-site through a broad branch network in Latvia.
Highly appreciated employer that attracts industry's top talents and provides them with necessary tools for personal well-being and professional growth.

Ambassador of circular economy that promotes rational use and reuse of resources to prolong the life cycle of consumer goods, by developing platform for buying and selling pre-owned goods and increasing awareness in society about environmentally friendly lifestyle.
Diversified financing structure to ensure flexibility, stability, and cost efficiency.
Professional corporate governance ensures transparency and financial sustainability for DelfinGroup shareholders.

Key strategic indicators to be achieved by the end of 2022 and 2024:

Net loan portfolio
Profit before tax
Return on Equity (ROE)
Cost-to-income ratio
Equity ratio
Dividend payout ratio
Cost of interest-bearing liabilities
2022 target
EUR 51 million
EUR 8.7 million
EUR 12.0 million
2024 target
EUR 70 million
EUR 12.9 million
EUR 17.6 million


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Beneficial ownership

Management (1.33%)
SIA EC finance (18.81%)
Agris Evertovskis (100%)
SIA L24 Finance (57.53%)
Aigars Kesenfelds (49%)
Linda Kesenfelde (38%)
Ivars Kesenfelds (13%)
SIA AE Consulting (8.90%)
Agris Evertovskis (100%)
Free float (13.43%)

Total shares outstanding: 45 319 594
On 21 April 2022