DelfinGroup brings value to the community via fostering financial inclusion and circular economy.

ESG report 2020

Pawnbroking and the circular economy

What the circular economy is

As the overall standard of living increases, so does consumption and the use of natural resources. At the same time, mindfulness of the environment, rational use of natural resources, producing less waste and an environmentally-friendly lifestyle are becoming important principles to an ever-increasing part of the population. Hence, both in Latvia and globally, the concept of the circular economy is in the spotlight: it stipulates that resources should be reused, and that the life-cycle of consumer goods should be prolonged. In order to achieve this, it is important to ensure the movement of second-hand goods, as well as the repair of goods.

Delfingroup’s role in the circular economy

One of the circumstances that prevents people from finding a new owner for their belongings is the geographic distance and time needed for the goods to reach their new owner. Over the past 11 years, DelfinGroup's brand Banknote has developed and cultivated a network of 93 branches so that it is readily accessible to as large an audience as possible. Thanks to this network of branches, we can ensure the convenient purchase of goods to buyers anywhere in Latvia.
Utilising experience and technologies, DelfinGroup constructively creates a second-hand market by determining the market value of goods and also offering them online in an online store. Every item that is placed in the Banknote store goes through a meticulous inspection process, where its condition is assessed and repairs are carried out if necessary. If the specialists conclude that investment in the further use of the item exceeds its potential market value, DelfinGroup ensures the environmentally friendly and responsible disposal of the item.

Inclusive society


DelfinGroup provides services across the territory of Latvia. Banknote, with its wide network of branches, is the most geographically available financial institution in the country. The supply of appliances and other goods is equally important to society.


DelfinGroup has always tended to the needs of the elderly. The network of branches ensures accessibility, and unlike other lenders, DelfinGroup provides access to finance to this group of society.


A large portion of society lacks coverage in terms of even the most basic financial services. DelfinGroup is often the only source of short-term financing to people who are either refused service by banks, who lack digital skills or do not have access to the bank branch network.


Charitable activities

DelfinGroup is well aware that a large part of society in Latvia is subject to poverty and the risk of social exclusion. The public is in need of support to reduce the negative impact of unfair or ill-considered long-term social support policies that are expressed against certain groups of people in certain situations. For this reason, DelfinGroup actively participates in the development of a sustainable society, providing people with opportunities, and facilitating inclusion, diversity, equality and well-being.

Financial literacy

DelfinGroup, in cooperation with partner organizations, supports live seminars and publications in regional and national media concerning financial literacy. The content is developed by independent third parties with the goal of educating those parts of society that lack the education and experience in this area, which, as a result, subjects them to the risk of fraud, unfair commercial practices and poor financial planning.

Types of support

Historically, DelfinGroup has been a donor to public benefit organizations and public benefit projects. These organizations and projects are selected in accordance with the risk groups in society identified by the company in the Delfingroup Corporate Social Responsibility Guidelines. In cooperation with the Association of Senior Communities in Latvia, direct and focused material assistance has also been provided to individuals and institutions in the regions. In 2020 for example DelfinGroup donated medical equipment to Dundaga care home and helped a senior couple in Alūksne novads to renovate their house. During the development of new products, special terms are also included for particular groups of society.

Equal opportunity

When selecting charity projects to support, DelfinGroup bases its decision on the principle that it is imperative to support those groups of society that have limited opportunities. Focus on these groups boosts the efficiency of the support and provides a higher positive impact on society. DelfinGroup has defined people living in the periphery, the elderly, children, impoverished families and people who are negatively affected by ecological change as the groups that need particular support.

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