Financing and Circular retail

DelfinGroup revenue increased by 41% in 2023

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DelfinGroup explains the procedure for paying out annual dividends

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The first DelfinGroup employees become shareholders by participating in the stock option programme

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DelfinGroup is a services provider in Latvia and Lithuania offering consumer loans, pawn loans, POS loans and the sale of pre-owned goods. The company was launched in 2009. We have established an extensive network of branches and a strong online presence, ensuring we are easily accessible to everyone.

DelfinGroup vision for the future is based on building a sustainable society by empowering people and promoting financial inclusion. The growth of the company is driven by a business strategy that is based on continuous upgrades and innovation in DelfinGroup products and services. DelfinGroup team consists of highly skilled and professional employees.
DelfinGroup priority is to provide customers with fast and reliable financial services, ensuring customer satisfaction and peace of mind. This focus drives sustainable growth and stability for investors and all stakeholders.

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