About Delfingroup

DelfinGroup is a Latvian fintech company that offers accessible, simple and consumer focused finance and pawn services.



Start of operations in Lithuania

In December 2023, DelfinGroup opened the first five Banknote branches in Vilnius, thus starting geographical expansion outside Latvia. Initially, pawn and retail services were available to Lithuanian clients, with consumer lending to come later in 2024.


Renewal of Banknote online store

DelfinGroup renewed its online store to sell pre-owned verified goods – veikals.banknote.lv. It is the largest circular economy online store with verified pre-owned, slightly pre-owned, and new goods in Latvia and other Baltic countries.



The initial public offering (IPO) of DelfinGroup successfully closed on 14 October. 5,927 investors participated in the IPO and the company raised 8,09 million euros. On 19 October 2021 Nasdaq Riga decided to list DelfinGroup shares on the Baltic Main List as of 20 October 2021.

Reorganisation into a Joint stock company

DelfinGroup changes its corporate structure to a Joint Stock Company. The reorganisation is aimed at further increasing the company's transparency and ability to attract outside financing.


POS loan product pilot launched

A new financing product is developed to penetrate the Latvian leasing and purchase financing markets. The product allows customers to streamline their shopping experience, by simplifying the shopping experience. 


Corporate identity changed to DelfinGroup

The new corporate identity introduces not just a new name, but also a brand new vision, mission, and updated values.



Launch of a new brand: VIZIA

VIZIA is a modern financial services provider, specialising in easy and fast consumer loans for both small and large life situations. VIZIA operates in a fully online environment.

Launch of Banknote online store

The online store provides an additional channel for the sale of goods, significantly increasing the range of potential customers.



Online lending launched

Banknote launches a new website enabling clients to receive online services.

ISO Certification

The company achieves Bureau Veritas ISO 9001 and ISO 50001 certification signifying the quality of internal processes and controls.



Lombards24.lv is rebranded to Banknote - a customer-friendly brand that emphasises that the company is not exclusively focused on pawn loans.

Acquisition of Riga City Pawnshop

Riga City Pawnshop was the oldest pawnshop in Latvia, having begun operations in 1802.

The acquisition of the pawnshop supported ExpressCredit's market leadership position and expanded the client base that had been developed over centuries by Riga City Pawnshop.


Secured bonds issued

At the end of 2013 corporate bonds were issued in the amount of EUR 8.5 million: EUR 5 million in secured bonds and EUR 3.5 million in unsecured bonds.

Subsequently, in 2014 bonds were listed on Nasdaq Baltic stock exchange's regulated list Riga First North.


Consumer lending launched

Consumer lending launched in the branch network, allowing clients to apply for and receive larger loans.


50th pawn shop opened

On average, each branch reaches its break-even point within six months of operation.  The network of branch covers 15 cities in Latvia.


First pawn shop opened

The first branch was opened in the centre of Riga at 119 Dzirnavu Street. The branch is still in operation as of 2021.