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AS DelfinGroup to host webinars for Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian retail investors


Latvian financial service company AS DelfinGroup is going to be one of the first companies in the history of Nasdaq Riga to communicate with potential investors and hold almost all IPO related meetings online by means of modern technology. From 22 September to 11 October AS DelfinGroup will host both private and public investment webinars for retail investors in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Webinars and interactive presentations will be facilitated by Nasdaq Riga, LHV Bank and other platforms. The purpose of these webinars is to encourage the residents of the Baltics states to invest in the local capital market, and inform retail investors about the initial public offering of AS DelfinGroup planned for this fall.


Meanwhile, a public virtual conference for general public and Baltic investors will be facilitated on Nasdaq Riga platform on 28 September at 11:00 AM (Riga time) in English and at 1.00 PM (Riga time) in Latvian. AS DelfinGroup Chairman of the Board Didzis Ādmīdiņš and member of the Board Kristaps Bergmanis will host the webinar and answer the questions. To join the webinar in English, please sign up in advance using the link: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/5595393100878759949.


To join the webinar in Latvian, please sign up in advance using the link: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/2240210279486646284.


AS DelfinGroup Chairman of the Management Board Didzis Ādmīdiņš: “Current technology has made investment more democratic and accessible. The process of issuing shares and attracting new investors is constantly changing. Previously, during the IPO roadshows the focus was more on face-to-face meetings with investors, and the opportunity to purchase shares was more like a privilege to large and institutional investors. AS DelfinGroup will make this process more democratic, which is why we have chosen to go down a different path, providing much wider share purchasing opportunities, particularly to retail investors in all three Baltic states. All information about the IPO will be available on our company's corporate website in several languages. We will make sure full support is provided to retail investors - we will answer questions about buying of shares, the subscription process itself, as well as answers questions about the company. We will ensure that any potential shareholder can virtually obtain all the necessary information, making the process user friendly and as simple as possible to retail investors. This is particularly important due to COVID-19 restrictions. We believe that our approach will promote interest in investing in capital markets for the people who have not considered this option before, and on the other hand, might encourage other companies from Latvia to go public in future.”


The price of one share will be EUR 1.52. The minimum size of an investment is 1 share, and consequently, investors can also opt to invest small amount of money in the AS DelfinGroup offer shares.Given the company`s aim to attract the broadest possible investor base, a significant proportion of shares will be reserved for retail investors – up to 1000 shares each, and up to 500 guaranteed shares (at a price of EUR 1,52 per share) on top for those who subscribe in the first four days (until 1 October). This will ensure every Baltic retail investor the opportunity to subscribe to shares in the amount of EUR 760 - 2280. Investors may also subscribe to a larger number of shares. By initially subscribing for a larger number of shares, the possibility for receiving larger number of shares at allocation increases, because, if the demand for shares exceeds the number of offer shares, each retail investor will receive only a proportion of subscribed shares. AS DelfinGroup is entitled to make a public offer and issue up to 7,300,000 new shares with over-allotment option for additional 1,095,000 shares, and the total number of shares will then reach 8,395,000 shares.


AS DelfinGroup plans to raise up to EUR 12,76 million gross proceeds during the IPO. All capital raised will be used to further grow the company and to reduce the cost of financing. The current AS DelfinGroup shareholders will not sell any of their shares during the IPO process.


LHV Bank and the law firm Eversheds Sutherland Bitāns are acting as AS DelfinGroup IPO advisors. More information about the planned IPO is available at: https://www.delfingroup.lv/.


The offer period (subscription) will commence simultaneously in all three Baltic states at 10:00 (Riga time) on 28 September. It will close at 15:30 (Riga time) on October 11. To subscribe for shares investors must submit a subscription undertaking to their bank. Share subscription will be facilitated by the members of Nasdaq Riga: LHV Bank, Swedbank, SEB, Luminor Bank, Citadele, Rietumu Banka, BlueOrange, Signet Bank, Siauliu Bankas, Sandinaviska Enskilda Banken, Nordea Bank and others. Full list of Nasdaq Riga members is available on: https://nasdaqbaltic.com/statistics/lv/members


The plan is to include the AS DelfinGroup shares on the Nasdaq Riga Baltic Main List, which currently contains only 32 Baltic companies, with just three being from Latvia. AS DelfinGroup will be one of the few companies on the Nasdaq Baltic, which pays significant dividends to its shareholders every quarter, allowing investors to earn more than they would from just holding money in a bank account. AS DelfinGroup has established and adheres to a policy to make quarterly dividend payments, distributing up to 50% of quarterly profits to shareholders. In addition, once a year after the approval of the annual report, the company may opt to pay additional dividends (annual dividends). During the course of the financial year, the company plans to distribute dividends to shareholders amounting to at least 50% of its consolidated profits.


About initial public offering (IPO) of shares

An initial public offering of shares or IPO is offering a private company’s shares to the public in a new stock issuance for the first time. This is a transition from a private to a public company, when the shares the company can then be purchased on the stock exchange by anybody who is interested in doing so. Investors who invest in shares rely on either an increase in the value of the shares in the future or to receive regular dividends from profit distributions made by the company.


About AS DelfinGroup

AS DelfinGroup is a licenced technology-based financial service company that was established in 2009 and operates under the brand names Banknote and VIZIA. The company continuously develops and offers consumer and pawn loans, loans developed for senior citizens, Buy now pay later loans (BNPL loans), as well as sale of pre-owned goods both online and at more than 90 branches across Latvia. On average, 35,000 thousand loans are issued every month and serviced by the professional team of more than 250 AS DelfinGroup employees. The company has a total of over 400,000 registered customers. Since 2014, AS DelfinGroup has been known on the Nasdaq Riga as a bond issuer. The company regularly pays dividends to its shareholders. In 2020, the company's net loan portfolio grew to EUR 34.6 million, while its EBITDA reached EUR 9.3 million, with profits before income tax for dividends of EUR 4.65 million. The company’s sustainability is based on focused corporate governance, fintech innovation, responsible lending, financial inclusion and facilitating the circular economy. The company has been profitable every year since 2010.


For further information, please contact:
Kristaps Bergmanis,
AS DelfinGroup Management Board Membe
Tel: +371 26189988
WhatsApp: +371 26189988
E-mail: [email protected]

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