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Gatis Kokins, Dr. Edgars Voļskis, Mārtiņš Bičevskis and Jānis Pizičs are joining DelfinGroup supervisory board


The meeting of shareholders of Latvian financial service company AS DelfinGroup has appointed new supervisory board members – financial, corporate governance and fintech experts Gatis Kokins, Edgars Voļskis, Mārtiņš Bičevskis and Jānis Pizičs. Current supervisory board chairman Agris Evertovskis will serve another five-year term.


AS DelfinGroup supervisory board chairman and co-founder Agris Evertovskis: “This year we plan to have an IPO (initial public offering) on the Nasdaq Riga exchange – a rare occasion not only in Latvia, but across the entire Baltic states. This makes it important for the company’s shareholders to engage experts with diverse and sound background to meet the highest corporate governance standards in the industry. Our goal for the future is not only to consolidate our leadership in the field, but also to become a solid competitor to traditional banks in the consumer finance.”


Kokins, Voļskis and Bičevskis will be serving DelfinGroup as independent supervisory board members. Their independence complies with the definition of supervisory board member independence specified in the Latvian Code of Corporate Governance.


AS DelfinGroup supervisory board member Gatis Kokins: “DelfinGroup is a prime example how successful local enterprise can develop its business scale and quality of corporate governance to attract capital on the stock exchange while demonstrating transparence and financial stability to the shareholders. My knowledge of the banking and fintech along with the 12 years supervisory board experience in the technology company may be beneficial to DelfinGroup. In my new role I am excited to help the management board with the strategy fine-tuning, financial performance improvements, technology based product development and new markets penetration. I am looking forward to deliver thoughtful risk and compliance supervision required by the shareholders, at the same time insuring healthy dividend flow and growth of DelfinGroup enterprise value.”


Gatis studied physics at the University of Latvia and business administration at the Riga School of Economics. He previously served as the chairman of the supervisory board of technology and entertainment giant Tet, held various positions in banking including a period as Parex bank Lithuania chairman of the board, head of corporate services and leasing for the Baltics, head of corporate, private and international banking, and internal audit director at Parex banka (currently Citadele banka), and member of the management board at the German–Latvian bank (currently Swedbank). Kokins also worked as a member of the board at Parex dzīvība and Parex Asset Management. He has co-founded largest Baltic optical retailer OC VISION, and financial technology company D8 Corporation.


AS DelfinGroup supervisory board member Mārtiņš Bičevskis: “I am excited to be joining AS DelfinGroup. Implementing the company’s growth plan to launch IPO on Nasdaq Riga will be a special challenge of a regional scale. The goals of AS DelfinGroup for sustainability are ambitious and I would like to be part of the company when it reaches its potential.”


Bičevskis studied law at the University of Latvia and has led a variety of state institutions and state companies. He has been in the position of state secretary at the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Justice, deputy state secretary at the Ministry of Interior, and head of the Office for Citizenship and Migration Affairs. Bičevskis has chaired the supervisory board of SJSC State Real Estate, as well as serving on the supervisory board of SJSC Latvenergo, and has extensive experience in the non-governmental sector - from business to sports and education. Mārtiņš has been the President of the Latvian Banking Association and vice president of the Employers’ Confederation of Latvia. He is currently deputy chairman of the supervisory board of LatRailNet, president of the Latvian Handball Federation, member of the Executive Committee of the Latvian Olympic Committee, member of the Baltic Corporate Governance Institute’s Latvia Policy Group, member of the management board of the Latvian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association, and member of the supervisory board of Junior Achievement Latvia.


Dr. Edgars Voļskis received his doctorate from the University of Latvia. He is currently management board member at Baltic International Bank. Edgars previously served as director and partner of KPMG Baltics and Belarus, Deloitte &Touche Adriatics risk services manager, Deloitte & Touche Latvia senior auditor. Voļskis is also a member of the Economists’ Association of LatviaJānis Pizičs has a Bachelor’s degree in economics from the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga and an MBA from the Riga Business School. J. Pizičs currently is active in a number of businesses. His previous experience includes serving as the Group CEO of Finko Group, head of Cluster Finance Partnering and Finance Improvement Lead in Nordic cluster at GlaxoSmithKline Latvia, Group head of Budgeting and Reporting at SPI Group sarl, and tax consultant at Ernst & Young Baltic. Pizičs also holds a qualification from the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants.


The international competition for the positions of professional and independent members of the supervisory board at AS DelfinGroup received 45 applications from seven countries: Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Croatia, Azerbaijan, Turkey and India. The highest number of top-level management applications came from people in the banking, lending, audit, information technology, telecommunications, energy, logistics and real estate sectors. Human resources management company SIA Fontes Executive Search was involved in the recruitment process to vet the competence, reputation and potential risk of conflict of interest of candidates.


On 23 March, AS DelfinGroup announced its intention to make an initial public offering (IPO) of its stocks on the Nasdaq Riga stock exchange in 2021. To follow up this event, please subscribe for news alerts: https://www.delfingroup.lv/invest


About DelfinGroup

AS DelfinGroup is a licensed financial industry company founded in 2009 and representing the brands Banknote, VIZIA and Rīgas pilsētas lombards. The company employs 270 professionals across 91 branches in 38 cities across Latvia. The Group’s taxes calculated for the year 2020 total EUR 3.42 million. AS DelfinGroup is a member of the Alternitive financial services association of Latvia, a member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Latvia, and has earned the State Revenue Service Cooperation Programme’s Gold status. The group’s core services are sale of used goods through its branches as well as online, alongside pawn loans, consumer loans, and loans specifically tailored to the people at retirement age. DelfinGroup bonds are quoted on the Nasdaq Riga First North Bond List.


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