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Notification on convocation of Extraordinary Meeting of Shareholders of AS DelfinGroup

Dividend payment ex-date of AS DelfinGroup

DelfinGroup income grows by 24% in the first quarter

AS DelfinGroup reports an income of 7,48 million euros in the first quarter, which is a 24% increase. Profit before tax increased by 42%, hitting 1,6 million euros, while net profit grew by 76% reaching 1,4 million euros. The company’s net loan portfolio increased by 46% year-on-year and achieved 47million euros. EBITDA in the first quarter was 2,58 million euros respectively, showing an 8% growth. Read more

DelfinGroup updates its strategy and forecasts stable development for the next three years

The Management Board of AS DelfinGroup has developed, and the Supervisory Board has approved an updated strategy for 2022-2024. It comprises four main development directions - improvement of retail loan segment, expansion of branch network and customer service, development of circular economy services (purchase and sale of pre-owned goods), digitization and deployment of the new technologies. AS DelfinGroup expects that by continuing to develop these key directions, the next three years will be the most financially successful in the history of the company. Read more

Draft resolutions of the Annual Meeting of Shareholders of AS DelfinGroup of 29 April 2022

AS DelfinGroup results for Q1 2022

Dividend payment ex-date of AS DelfinGroup

Notification on convocation of Annual Meeting of Shareholders of AS DelfinGroup

AS DelfinGroup audited statements and Corporate Governance Report for 2021

The Management Board of AS DelfinGroup has prepared the audited annual report of 2021 and will submit it to the Annual General Meeting for approval. Compared to the unaudited report for 12-month period published on 25 February, financial results reamained unchanged. Read more

DelfinGroup is going to distribute almost 780 thousand euros in dividends for the results of Q4 2021

AS DelfinGroup will pay out dividends in the amount of EUR 779,5 thousand, namely EUR 0,0172 per share, the company’s shareholders approved at their extraordinary meeting on 28 March. Following the initial public offering (IPO), this is the second quarter in a row when the company’s shareholders will receive dividend payment. In total EUR 1, 3 million has been paid out in dividends for the 3rd and 4th quarters of the previous year. AS DelfinGroup has undertaken to distribute to the shareholders up to 50% of its quarterly profits and pay annual dividends in addition. Read more

Resolutions of the Extraordinary Meeting of Shareholders of AS DelfinGroup, dated 28 March 2022

Draft resolutions of the Extraordinary Meeting of Shareholders of AS DelfinGroup, dated 28 March 2022

Top trends in retail sales of pre-owned goods in 2021: technologies, jewellery and power tools

In 2021 the demand for pre-ownedgoods increased in Latvia - phones, jewellery, laptops and power tools were among the most demanded categories of merchandise, according to Banknote statistics. Read more

Recording of the Q4 and 12 months 2021 investor webinar

AS DelfinGroup donates 100 000 euros to support Ukraine and calls for other companies to help the war victims

By donating EUR 100 00 AS DelfinGroup has decided to actively support Ukrainian people who have suffered in the war. The company will donate money to help two initiatives in support of Ukraine: 70 000 euros will go to Entrepreneurs for Peace, a movement initiated by technology companies, while 30 000 euros are meant for the initiative called For People of Ukraine, facilitated by Read more

Sanita Zitmane appointed to the Management board of AS DelfinGroup

Sanita Zitmane, an experienced fintech manager, has begun working as a member of the Management board of the Latvian financial services company AS DelfinGroup, replacing Ivars Lamberts. Changes in the composition of the Management board have been registered with the Enterprise Register on 1 March 2022. Didzis Ādmīdiņš will continue as the Chairman of the Management board of AS DelfinGroup and Aldis Umblejs will continue as Chief Financial Officer and Member of the Board. Read more

Notification on convocation of Extraordinary Meeting of Shareholders of AS DelfinGroup

DelfinGroup reports the highest profit in the history of the company - 5.2 million euros before tax

2021 has been the best year in the history of AS DelfinGroup - according to the company's unaudited results both turnover and profit records have been achieved. The company’s revenue increased by 7.7% in 2021, reaching 25.5 million euros, while profit before tax reached 5.2 million euros, which is an increase of 7.2% compared to 2020. Read more

AS DelfinGroup invites to join its webinar about the unaudited financial results of 2021

AS DelfinGroup takes over the pawn shop business of AS Moda Kapitāls and expands the network of Banknote branches in Latgale

Latvian financial service company AS DelfinGroup has completed the acquisition of the AS Moda Kapitāls pawn shop business, which was started in August 2021. AS Moda Kapitāls owned the fourth largest pawn shop network in Latvia and the acquisition of its business will strengthen the leading position of AS DelfinGroup in regions. Read more

AS DelfinGroup results for Q4 2021

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